RETFED® is a retirement training program designed specifically for federal employees and the challenges they face while planning for retirement. Not only do we deliver financial literacy content via OPM’s guidelines, but our program is an excellent resource for federal employees seeking to add to their individual development plans each year.

Leveraging our trainers' financial expertise and in-depth understanding of federal benefits, our program seamlessly integrates the strengths of both realms. Your employees not only receive guidance from licensed advisors but also benefit from instructions tailored to optimize their federal benefits.

Our federal contractor status can be verified at using CAGE Code 805Q9.


2024 Topics & Recordings


Retirement planning

Retire With Confidence: Tips To Maximize Your Income And Reduce Taxes

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Federal benefits

Mastering Your Federal Benefits

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Social Security And Medicare: Maximizing Benefits, Minimizing Pitfalls.

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Tax planning

Strategic Tax Planning: Navigating Your Financial Future

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TSP allocation

TSP Deep Dive: Navigating Contributions, Allocations, And Market Trends

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Estate planning

Estate Planning: Ensuring Financial Security For You And Your Loved Ones

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Navigating the market

Volatile Markets: The Psychology Of Successful Investing

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Client meeting

Making Your Money Last: Budgeting And Spending Strategies In Retirement

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