How often do you meet/speak with clients?

  1. Client-Centric Review Frequency: You recognize that each client's financial situation and planning needs are unique. Instead of imposing a fixed review schedule based on account size, you tailor the review frequency to when there's progress to be made or specific planning requirements. This ensures that clients receive the attention and guidance they need precisely when it's most beneficial to them.
  2. Open Accessibility: Your firm maintains an open-door policy, welcoming clients to reach out and schedule meetings whenever they see fit. This accessibility fosters a collaborative and supportive client-advisor relationship, where clients can proactively seek guidance or discuss any financial concerns at their convenience.

This flexible and client-driven approach not only puts clients in control of their financial planning but also underscores your commitment to providing personalized, meaningful support that aligns with each client's unique circumstances and objectives. It demonstrates a strong dedication to client satisfaction and success.