If I become a client, am I contractually committed for a certain time period?

It's important for clients to understand their options and have control over their financial decisions. Here's a summary of your statement:

  1. No Binding Contract: There is no contractual obligation that ties clients to your firm. Clients are not bound by any agreements that restrict their ability to manage their investments or make decisions about their financial assets.
  2. Client Empowerment: You believe that the money under management is the client's, and they should have full access and the freedom to move it as they see fit. This philosophy underscores your commitment to empowering clients to make financial choices that align with their goals and preferences.

This approach reinforces trust and transparency in your client relationships, emphasizing that clients have the ultimate say over their financial matters. It aligns with the principle that clients should feel confident and in control when it comes to managing their investments and wealth.